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Surviving The Corona Crisis Together

Manila, Philippines

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Surviving The Corona Crisis Together

Manila, Philippines

We will provide Corona Care packages for our AME families (30 families, about 150 people). Essentials like rice, bread, vegetables, fruit, water, soap, dry cloths and vitamin tablets will be provided. This basic supply will cover our families for 8 w

N. Klein-Allermann from Art Meets Education e.V. | 
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About this project

The schools in Manila are closed but our project in the Philippines faces other major challenges. Since all the children have to stay at home, many parents can no longer go to work. They are day labourers who live from the daily income that they earn. Now, this income is completely nonexistent. They have no savings on which to fall  back. In addition to these financial losses, our project families live in very cramped, unhygienic homes where the virus can spread very quickly. 
Even though the purpose of AME is education, we feel obliged to use our structures and manpower to fight the spread of the virus and its consequences. 
We will provide Corona Care packages for our AME families (30 families which consist of about 150 people). The packages will cover essential needs like rice, bread, water, soap, dry towels and vitamin tablets. Basic care is planned for 8 weeks.  Our field workers who live on site will also give instructions about proper hygienic requirements when the care packages are distributed.

We can only manifest this if you help us. 

Sincerely, Nico from your AME family.

Updated at 29. March 2020