The Clearing Barrel GI-Café-Germany

An aid project by “Military Counseling Network e.V.” (M. Capps-Schubert) in Kaiserslautern, Germany

News: On this page the carrier keeps you informed about the current situation of the project. This helps you judge how the donations are being used.

M. Capps-Schubert (Project Manager), written 4 months ago

M. Capps-Schubert

I triggered a payout for these needs:

Window front€310.00

We are almost there - Thank you for your support we just got another donation of 300 € from a dear friend.
With your help we successfully collected 2616€. Most of that was donated at The Clearing Barrel Coffeehouse directly.
All  volunteers donated the tips to the Clearing Barrel/Military Counseling Network e.V. but we are still short of 447€ for the window alone.
Can you help us?
Can you consider  to become a sustaining donor to our ongoing work?

M. Capps-Schubert (Project Manager), written 11 months ago

M. Capps-Schubert

I triggered a (partial)payout for these needs:

Coffeehouse Speaking tour travel expenses€200.00

Please see the tour blog that chronicles the adventures of representatives from the three GI Coffee Houses,The Clearing Barrel, Coffee Strong and Under the Hood, as they travel along the west coast sharing their story and seeking support.
The blog is still in the works and will be updated with more stories, pictures and videos from the tour stops.