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Help for Streetanimals in Belgrade / Serbia - Care/Neuter/Release

A project from Tierschutz Russland e.V.
in Belgrad, Serbia

Donate for Streetanimals in Serbia / Belgrad, food, medical care,vet, castration, vaccination, general improvement of living condition for animals, animals rights,Tierschutz Russland e.V. , relief programms,

S. Korths
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About this project

Dear Animal Friends,

We ask you for your urgent help for a very dedicated veterinary doctor in Belgrade / Serbia.

Gala Isajev is on duty day and night with unbelievable results for animals there.

The situation of stray animals in Serbia is just as disastrous as in Russia or as in some other EU States.
She receives almost no support and must finance her help privately.

She is constantly out on the streets helping stray animals.  For years she has supported a local “animal camp” with medical treatments and provision of medications. She castrates them and treats sick or injured strays at her own expense. She is really doing good work and looks after the animals extremely well. Sick animals which have no chance in the camp she takes into her clinic or cares for privately.

We have received from her a call for help as she is in urgent need of food for the animals. She no longer has any money to buy medicines and has no more facilities to house the animals. Every day they find so many animals in need of help and every day the numbers are increasing. Meanwhile animals are simply left in front of her clinic and every day she receives phone calls from people who have found a stray animal which they want to bring to her. BUT unfortunately, no-one is helping her to finance this.
She can no longer manage this task alone. She is now completely exhausted, has reached the end of her financial possibilities and cannot continue without help.

Galjas project  CARE – NEUTER – RELEASE  short  CNR  is concentrated on the most important matters.  Medical Care – Castration – Release 

So that will stop at least the uncontrollable reproduction and the most important treatments to reduce the biggest sorrow. Of course best would be to find a good save home for the poor animals instead of release them of the streets. But he willingness for adoption getting less. Unfortunataly there are many animals who are not able to survive on the streets any longer or some love humans so much that they would fit perfect to a familiy. Therefore it would be great to build a shelter but this must be payed first ! A dream also would be a mobile animalclinic to help people with there animals in there suburb. 

The other commen and cruel solvement is not conceivable with us. Everybody has the right for living also strays.

We know what this means and everyone who is committed to the protection of animals has to fight the same battles. Nevertheless, we want to ask for your help for Galja and her team, so that they can continue and that hope returns.

Please help us to continue this animal protection project so that people can change things in their country in order to help the helpless strays.

Please support us with your support and donations.
We thank you most sincerely
Galja Isajev and all strays 
 & Tierschutz Russland e.V.