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Sustainable development and education to protect Madgascar's nature

Following the Malagasy saying "One tree is not yet a forest", our team, of Chances for Natuer does not reinvent the wheel, but works on spreading successful projects of conservation and environmental work. Thanks for your support in advance!

S. Schliehe-Diecks from Chances for Nature e.V.Write a message

Hazo tokana tsy mba ala! One tree is not yet a forest!
Following this Malagasy saying, our team of Chances for Nature focuses on spreading good and successful projects of development work and conservation. Basically, we do not reinvent the wheel, but take things that work well and work on transferring them to many people and communities. Because one tree is not yet a forest, it needs many people, if something should change.

How did we start? What are examples of good projects?
Our first project in Madagascar was the development of an environmental education film. Following Konrad Lorenz "You protect what you love, you love what you know", the film shows people the uniqueness of the nature of Madagascar and to what extent their livelihood is threatened by traditional approaches. The film also presents projects that do not turn people's lives upside down but touch small, important aspects of everyday life. These changes benefit people in terms of food security, health or alternative sources of income, which in turn contribute to the strengthening of nature conservation.
Our next project was "Fatana mitsitsy - Efficient, ecological stoves for Menabe in Madagascar". Further projects were added over time, which we would like to advance further with the help of the supporters of Betterplace.

Ecological stoves - for conservation and improvement of health
Ecological stoves are more energy-efficient than open fires and offer health benefits. With the help of local materials, a trained builder can build a durable version and sell it. In the course of two workshops, we trained stove builders and carried out the first sales events in order to create demand. To advance this project, we want to expand the market and provide stove builders with financial support for pre-production. For this, we are looking for people, who support us financially and by spreading the news.

Learning while having fun with card games
 Like a tree, conservationists are also beginning small. For this reason, we always have projects that include children. In 2016, with the support of the Bird Park Marlow (Germany), we developed a card game in Malagasy language, through which we want to inspire school children for nature. By the way, they also practice reading and numbers with the two game variants of the card game. The card game is developed, now all it needs is support for the serial print.
Further activities are:
  • Workshops on the topic of chicken breeding for the protection of the Fossa, the largest Malagasy carnovore and distan reletive of meercats
  • Mobile cinema tours to raise awareness among local people and to make contact with local communities

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