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Unfairtobacco - countering the tobacco industry

A project from Blue 21
in Berlin, Germany

We expose how the tobacco industry harms farmers, consumers and the environment. In 2017, the World Health Organization recognized our work with a World No Tobacco Day Award.

S. von Eichborn
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About this project

We expose how the tobacco industry harms farmers, consumers and the environment. The World Health Organization has recognized our work with a World No Tobacco Day Award 2017, saying that our “organization builds bridges between various areas and the people working in tobacco control, sustainable development and public health and trade agreements.”

What is it about?
The tobacco industry violates human rights everywhere, particularly children‘s rights.

The tobacco sector uses a worldwide network of estates, factories and marketing agencies, controlled by ever fewer corporations to grow and process tobacco and manufacture cigarettes. More than 90% of the world’s tobacco is grown in low and middle-income countries. Tobacco companies profit from child labour on tobacco fields. These children are deprived, amongst others, of the right to health and the right to be protected from economic exploitation.
Tobacco growing also harms the environment: pesticides poison the waters, while forests are cut down for curing the green tobacco leaves.
The six biggest tobacco corporations make profits of more than US$37 billion a year. The lion’s share of it goes to their headquarters in the Global North. For decades, tobacco companies have known that they sell an addictive, deadly product. Yet, they still want to profit from addiction. They target their actions to prevent governments from effective tobacco control efforts.
Tobacco companies benefit from making children and adolescents addicted to cigarettes and other tobacco products. Their advertising campaigns are aimed at young people. Tobacco marketing violates the right to health of children and adolescents, as does the lack of protection from secondhand smoke.

Tobacco companies are responsible for worldwide 8 million deaths from tobacco use each year.

What do we do?
We expose the strategies of the tobacco industry, conduct research and write papers about tobacco, human rights and development. We organize school workshops on children's rights and tobacco. We support children and adolescents in taking actions by themselves. We give talks and organize events. Together with international partners we have initiated the Cape Town Declaration on Human Rights and a Tobacco-free World. In the meantime more than 150 organisations have joined this declaration. In Germany, we coordinate the Network Children‘s Rights and Tobacco Control and campaign for a tobacco advertising ban and a due diligence law.

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