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Unfairtobacco - countering the tobacco industry

We expose how tobacco industry harms farmers, consumers and the environment. In 2017, the World Health Organization recognized our work with a World No Tobacco Day Award.

S. von Eichborn from Blue 21Write a message

We expose how tobacco industry harms farmers, consumers and the environment. The World Health Organization has recognized our work with a World No Tobacco Day Award 2017, saying that our “organization builds bridges between various areas and the people working in tobacco control, sustainable development and public health and trade agreements.”

Our focus
In the past decades, the tobacco trade has been globalized: Tobacco growing, processing and marketing use a worldwide network of estates, factories and marketing agencies, controlled by ever fewer corporations. More than 90% of the world’s tobacco is grown in the global south, where the production goes along with child labor and environmental destruction.
At the same time, there are enormous profits made on the tobacco world market. The six biggest tobacco corporations make profits of more than US$44 billion a year, of which the lion’s share goes to headquarters in the Global North.
Tobacco companies know for decades that they are selling a deadly product and still carry on marketing and selling it to make profits. Their calculated behaviour of subverting the tobacco control efforts of governments and advertising cigarettes to youth make them responsible for seven million deaths a year.

What do we do?
We expose the strategies of the tobacco industry, conduct research and write papers about tobacco, human rights and development. We organize school workshops, give talks and organize events. We join forces with other groups to organize actions like the #QuitPMI campaign last year, that was supported by 123 organizations from all over the world. The campaign has made clear that tobacco production and marketing are irreconcilable with the human right to health. This campaign lays the groundwork for our work in the coming years.

Please help us organize more actions like #QuitPMI. Support us with your donation.

Unfairtobacco is a project of the not for profit organization BLUE 21.