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An aid project by “LoveCareCenter” (W. Löchelt) in Kancheepuram Dist., India

W. Löchelt (Project Manager)

W. Löchelt
The Love Care Center is a childrens home, which not only gives orphan children a shelter. Also boys and girls, whose parents can’t send them to school due to their poverty, get here the chance to change their and their families lifes by getting a good school edjucation.
Girls with a poor family background don’t really have a perspective in india. They are married off by their parents and get children early. Boys mostly have to get the same poor job the father is working in or have to help in the family business. Without a school edjucation these children have no chance to break out of this circle and better their live circumstances.
When I met Sophia, the director of the Love Care Center, three years ago on a trip through India, I was deeply impressed by what she’s doing. Sophia and the people working with her, give the children living with them not only shelter, clothing, food and an excellent school edjucation, they also give them their deep love.
Even when some of them still have parents, a lot of these children went through horrible things. In the Love Care Center they relearn to trust and to look positivly into the future. The children and the adults are living together like a big family. Nobody is alone, all are brothers and sisters. The people living in the orphanage call Sophia ’their Mummy’. Everybody plays, laughs, learns, cries and prays together, everybody is watching and helping each other.
Life in the orphanage is simple. There are two big rooms, in which the children sleep, learn, eat and play. On five days a week eight teachers come to the home to teach the children.
The sanitary facilities are very basic. For approximately 140 children there are four toilets and three showers. Cooking is on open fire, water comes from a huge canister.
We have been supporting the Love Care Center with material and financial donations from Germany for three years now. We visited the children four times during this time and guarentee that all donations are going directly to the children of the Love Care Center.

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Location: Kancheepuram Dist., India

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