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Closed International emergency relief of the German Red Cross

Berlin, Germany

The humanitarian aid of the German Red Cross knows no boundaries. No matter the type of emergency, we will be there to help.You can support us helping people in need.

A. Wispler from Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V.
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The humanitarian aid of the German Red Cross  knows no boundaries. Only the thought of helping people in need counts. It doesn’t matter where our help is needed. Whether there are floods, earthquakes, famines, epidemics or armed conflicts - we will help. Thanks to your support we can help immediately when the need arises.

When typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines in 2013 and left more than four million people homeless, we started our emergency relief operation within 24 hours. Three years later, more than 27,000 people have benefited from our reconstruction and shelter support . In addition to our fast emergency assistance, we support people in need with long-term measures. In this  context we implemented a training for craftsmen and residents in earthquake-resistant construction in Nepal  after the devastating earthquake in 2015.

In addition to our aid of areas which have been affected by catastrophes, we take measures to prevent future issues.Besides sudden catastrophes and emergencies, there are the ones looming and growing, if we don’t stop them. The current famine which affects 25 million people in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and north-eastern Nigeria is one of those situations that needs to be tackled now at all costs.  This is why we help the suffering  people in Somalia after two years of non-existent rainfall with a secured water supply. 

More than 14 million people are currently threatened by famine in Yemen alone. The armed conflict, which has continued for two years now, is considered to be the main cause of this emergency. In addition to food security, we also support the population of Yemen with medical care. Together with our sister companies we are also helping during the ongoing crisis in Syria. Approximately 11 million refugees in countriesneighboring Syria receive our help.

Together we can help people in their specific emergencies. We supply blankets, water filters, hygiene kits, medicine, tools, food, first aid trainings, shelter construction, cash grants or health education. And that’s why we need you, too. With your donation you can help us  help others.