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Education for 50 children in Ghana, HibeKi e.V.

A project from HibeKi - Hilfe für soz. ben. Kinder in Ghana e.V.
in Nayorku bei Walewale, Ghana

For 50 children of our school in Ghana we want to finance the lessons, a daily meal and the health insurance. In addition, we want to improve the hygienic conditions as well as the water supply. @ HibeKieV or

Torsten S.
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About this project

Through our non-profit organization "HibeKi - Help for Socially Disadvantaged Children in Ghana e.V", we currently support 50 children in northern Ghana in the village of Nayorku. We finance teacher salaries, a daily meal and annual health insurance. Since our association was founded in 2014, we have already been able to build two school buildings and a sanitary facility. The sanitary facility is the first in the entire village. We want to build more buildings to provide access to education for more children, to improve water supply, to address the cooking situation (previously a hearth on the ground), and to develop not only the school but also the village. Thanks to our recognition by the tax office, we can issue donation receipts. Further information at Facebook @ HibeKieV and