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IT education and entrepreneurship training in Cameroon

A project from Leapfrog e.V.
in Buea, Cameroon

Young coders and entrepreneurs in Cameroon are creative and smart, but access to the labour market is difficult,since training to achieve IT standards are expensive.This is where Leapfrog and ActiveSpaces have developed a joint plan on IT education

Katrin J.
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About this project

We provide practical, hands-on IT trainings and exchange of good practice to young coders, entrepreneurs and people with low income and precarious jobs in Cameroon, because we believe that digital skills and entrepreneurship have the potential to contribute to poverty reduction. And together with our Cameroonian partner ActiveSpaces, we have seen great success here. Through our network of IT experts, we have been able to teach participants the kind of IT standards that will help them establish themselves as employees in labour markets, or entrepreneurs. We aim, through this program, to help these talented and highly motivated young people, who cannot afford an expensive education. This program will enable participants to afford a professional perspective that will help them feed themselves and their families. 

How do we do this?

Our Cameroonian partner NGO, ActiveSpaces, is an already established 'tech hub' in Buea, which means that they could clearly communicated the interests and needs of tech hub users. Leapfrog and ActiveSpaces collaborate on a training plan for young programmers and entrepreneurs at the tech hub to acquire standards common across technical industries. In order for the project to have a continuing impact, students trained by Leapfrog are given the skills and forums to pass on their knowledge. Our project also provide for hackathons – regional software and hardware development events – to raise visibility for the great talents and help them connect to employers and investors.