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Supporting human rights and promoting health in Costa Rica.

San José, Costa Rica

Supporting human rights and promoting health in Costa Rica.

San José, Costa Rica

As a volunteer I will work for the NGO CIPAC in Costa Rica, which is a organization to promote human rights and health. Please help us promoting human rights and health especially for minorities! Thank you!

Pia-Marie D. from DRK in Hessen Volunta gGmbH | 
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About this project

As a part of the program "weltwaerts" I will live in Costa Rica for one year from august this year (2017) to support the non-governmental organization CIPAC (Centro de Investigación y Promoción para América Central de Derechos Humanos The organizations aim is to promote human rights and health especially for minorities which are discriminated against, of these in particular the LGBT-community, as well as establish equality for all through rising public awareness, educating about human rights and health issues as well as investigating social structures. Especially now after the long-awaited, overdue vote for marriage rights for the LGBT communuty in Germany, this topic is luckily of high relevance again, people are more aware and think about this issue. Being there and working with them I hope to support their projects through my medical perspective.

"Weltwaerts" is a educational, political program which was founded in cooperation with the German Ministry for Economic Relations and Development and is partly financed by this ministry. To make this and similar projects possible now and for future volunteers, it is crucial though, that volunteers like me try to raise some additional funds to add to the project.

As for me, I am a 22 year old medical student from Germany. Being in the middle of my studies, I now want to interrupt my university program for a voluntary service in Costa Rica. I would like to use my so far gained skills and knowledge to help promote human rights and equality as well as educate about health and prevent diseases. As I am a medical student I am of course especially interested in promoting health and preventing diseases, which I even consider to be a human right itself. Deciding on the project, it was important for me to know, that I could make use of my background and actively take part in human rights promotion. Of course, I also hope to gain and improve my skills in human and cultural interaction as I think this is a crucially important part of my future job of being a doctor.

I think, that projects like this one are essential for our society and world. Creating and promoting international and intercultural understanding and relations is the first step of creating equality and securing human rights for everyone in a globalized world. Especially now, as intercultural relations seem to become more difficult each day, I think supporting those projects becomes even more relevant. I hope that through my work I can make a change for at least a few people and I really thank everyone by heart who helps me achieve this goal and play your part in promoting human rights. Thank you! For more information feel welcome to visit my blog:
Updated at 18. March 2020