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Community Gardens Project

A project from Förderverein STÄDTE OHNE HUNGER Deutschland
in São Paulo - SP, Brazil

The work of CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER began in 2004 with the Community Gardens Project in the social focal points of the megacity São Paulo. The aim has been to encourage the social integration of marginal groups through gardening.

E. Beuth-Heyer
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About this project

CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER aims to transform unused public and private plots of land into useful community gardens. The precarious situation of the people living in the favelas (slums) in the East Area of the megacity can be greatly improved through sustainable agrarian projects based on organic agriculture.

- To date CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER has started up 21 community gardens.

- 115 people have become community gardeners. This means that along with their
families some 650 people benefit from the project by having their livelihood guaranteed.

- The organization CITIES WITHOUT HUNGER has organized 48 professional qualification courses. Around 1,000 people have qualified in agriculture or commerce.