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Closed Vélo atelier - Casablanca, Morocco

Vélo Atelier Casa, Maroc - Vocational education & work for disadvantaged young people in a bicycle repair shop in the old town of Casablanca. Keywords: education, work, crafts, youth, integration, entrepreneurship

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“Vélo Atelier Casa” - Vocational education and work for disadvantaged young people in a bicycle repair shop in Casablanca, Morocco

Keywords: vocational training, crafts, youth, integration, entrepreneurship.

The bicycle workshop in the old town of Casablanca is aimed to support unemployed young people with low education and low professional chances, giving them career prospects and income opportunities.
Purpose of donation: Establishment of a bicycle workshop, equipment, tools, teaching materials.

Young people will get educated and trained in the area of ​​two-wheel mechanics (bicycle) and put into productive employment. Later, knowledge about how a workshop and a bicycle trade can be built and managed will be given.

Measures: continuous practical work with bicycles in the workshop operation under guidance (maintenance, diagnosis, repair, dismantling, production of spare parts, conversion, retrofitting), services for customers. Education / Training (theory) - keywords (selection): components, assemblies and systems for the bicycle, bicycle electrics, power transmission and braking systems, handling of tools, wheel physics, customer communication; Basics for establishing a bicycle trade and workshop. After a start-up phase of a self-controlled workshop with a binding to the initial operation.

Co-operation partner: "ESPOD" (Espace Point de Départ, Casablanca / Rabat). The project is associated with another project of the partner ("Vélo Balade"), which offers bicycle rides for tourists in Casablanca. Since 1991, the organization "ESPOD" has successfully implemented development projects with national and international partners (incl. globe e.V., 2015) in the field of poverty reduction, the education and training of young people, sustainable development and social integration in disadvantaged urban areas.

Further funding of the project will be provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) of 75% of the total costs as well as a 15% share of the cooperation partner.

Background & problem: More than one fifth of the Moroccan population lives under the poverty line. Lacking opportunities for education lead to a lack of prospects for the future, which often lead to conflicts in families and the social environment - not without tendencies of increasing risks of crime, violence and drug use. Promoting the employment and self-responsibility of young people is of enormous importance. Through the establishment of training and workplaces in a bicycle workshop, young Moroccans get the chance to become part of a professional workplace and gain stability to develop a future perspective with a profession.

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