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in North/East Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

Phase 3 – Partnering Self Sustainability Initiatives - skills training & employment for all

Tom Z.
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About this project

ACT is a group of Sri Lankan citizens supporting relief efforts in the North. Thousands of Sri Lankans were affected by war. In this completed phase of our work we have focused on the children of war. ACT works directly with Government Officials, Ministry of Health Officials, Essential Services, The Sri Lanka Army and fellow citizens to provide immediate relief. 

We have achieved improving the quality of education, music & sports for schooling children. We firmly believe that these psychosocial activities would play a pivotal role in supporting the children to overcome any latent effects of their past experiences and provide them the opportunity to express themselves in different ways and to break down mental barriers which may inhibit the natural growth of a healthy mind. 

Our recent phase completed achieved iexpanding the learning opportunities for these children through programmes like scouting in with introduction of boy scouts.

Phase 3 - 
ACT is currently working with the Commissioner for Rehabilitation and the Poonthottam Vavuniya rehabilitation camp to understand the skills set requirements by industry and companies on training & development of each individual so that he/she is employable when reintegrated. Main areas include … Garment industry, hotel & hospitality, sales and marketing, construction. We are thankful to MAS Active Vaanavil, Sanken Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, The International Hotel School of Mt Lavinia & Janashkathi Vavuniya for joining us on Tuesday August 6th for conducting career guidance sessions and their pledge to support this initiative.

Concurrently we will have residential programme of psychosocial sessions in Tamil to help understand and address any internal struggles that each individual may need to deal with.
Private sector partnership will, be key to this next phase. Through employment each person will be able to stand on their own feet, independently earn for themselves and or family and have the opportunity to have a new beginning.

Donations towards the training courses, CSR resident training and employment are current requirements. Email for more information. Phase 3 – self sustainability initiatives – on going!