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Funded Mobile Hospitals for Syria and Iraq

Mobile Hospitals and emergency rooms for Syria and Iraq.

Daniel K. from morethanshelters e.V.Write a message

 Dear Friends and Supporters,
Every day we see news of new terror attacks in Syria and Iraq. These conflicts are caused by many different warring factions, but the sad reality is that in all cases the civilian population suffers the most. Only last week dozens of people died in a nerve gas attack. The injured survivors of the attack were barely able to be treated as there is no access to reliable medical care. 
One of our partner organizations, Cadus (, is working to tackle this issue. They are doing so by setting up mobile hospitals in remote regions of northern Syria and Iraq, where immediate medical care is needed. 
In March 2017, the first mobile hospital was sent to the region. It includes 6 of our DOMO tents which were financed through generous donations. The DOMOs act as emergency operating rooms, treatment rooms, and storage space for medical equipment. 
The crew is now on its way to an area near Mosul, Iraq, and the mobile hospital is under construction. The population in Mosul is particularly affected by the ongoing conflict; several thousand people have had to flee from the fighting and many are still cut off from humanitarian aid and medical care. 
Together with Cadus we hope to build medical sites throughout Mosul so that the city will finally have access to the medical care it dearly needs. 
Perhaps you can help us fund the provision and transport of another mobile hospital by donating to our cause. 
Thank you for your help!
Daniel and the team of MORE THAN SHELTERS

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