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Kangaroo-Chairs for young mothers

Athen, Greece

Your donation helps to furnish a hospital in Athens, Greece, with two kangaroo-chairs. These special chairs enables mothers and fathers to cuddle extensively with their preterm infants. That supports the child's development and enhance bonding.

Silke M. from EFCNI
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Constant parental skin-to-skin contact leads to a better mental and physical development among preterm infants. The parents’ heartbeat calms the newborn and gives him or her a feeling of security. Additionally, it strengthens the parent-child bond. Ordinary chairs are not very suitable, and there is simply no space for hospital beds in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Kangaroo-chairs help mothers and fathers to spend as much time as possible in close skin contact with their preterm babies. Unfortunately, they don’t count as standard equipment in a lot of hospitals, even in Europe. With your donation we can improve the situation in a Greek hospital and help hundreds of preterm infants and their families.

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