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Healthy drinking water for Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa District

Polonnaruwa District , Sri Lanka

Healthy drinking water for Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa District

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Water project Sri Lanka: Building water filter system, because the ground water of the uncontrolled use of pesticides is dirty and caused the poor population, chronic kidney disease (CKD). Therefore there is a high mortality rate of poor people.

Sylvia G. from Taubertäler Hilfsgemeinschaft e.V.Write a message

Help to build water filter systems in Sri Lanka
Only about 35% of the Singhalese population are connected to the public drinking water supply.  The majority of the population, especially in rural areas, such as in the Northwest, the East, the central province and parts of the northern provinces, is dependent on unpurified water and has no access to filtered drinking water.

The ground water is heavily polluted by uncontrolled use of pesticides, which are suspected to cause CKD (chronic kidney disease).

Thus, CKD has become a major, very serious health problem in Sri Lanka. The World Health Organization (WHO) indicated that more than 15% of the population between 15 and 70 years are effected by CKD and rising.
Many families are in great financial distress, since there is no social system in Sri Lanka, which supports members, whose breadwinners - as a result of CKD - have become unfit for work.

Therefore filtered drinking water is of vital importance for the people in the affected areas!

This filter construction costs 12.500 Euro per unit and is partly financed by the State, relies mainly on non-profit organizations and private donors.

Through the not-for-profit partner organization 'Taubertäler Hilfsgemeinschaft e.V., which is entitled as a non-profit organization, the funds are collected via' 'and transferred to PINA organization in Sri Lanka: 

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