Blocked street work with street children

An aid project by “OneLoveOneWorld e.V.” (L. York/Theis) in Kathmandu, Nepal

L. York/Theis (Project Manager)

L. York/Theis
The project “Open Work with Street Children” is a permanent feature of our work. It involves the supply of a constant contact person whose role is to intervene in emergency situations, provide a healthy life perspective through different activities and can help the kids when they decide to leave their life on the street. Members of the OneLoveOneWorld association are meeting the children 4 to 6 times a week at their sleeping place. There they are motivating the children to join them at a playgroup for breakfast and to participate in different activities like soccer, volleyball, frisbee, and painting. Most of the children are very interested in these activities, because they are different to the activities that they experience in their daily life.
In addition to this, holistic care is provided before, during and after the playgroup. The children are able to talk to OneLoveOneWorld staff about their needs, thoughts, wishes and issues they are experiencing on the street. In emergency situations such as illness, the staff from OneLoveOneWorld association are taking the children to a medical clinic where they are attended for by a doctor, afterwards staff then check the progress of their treatment and ensure they attend any follow up appointments. During winter we ensure that the children have warm clothes and blankets and the possibility from time to time to wash them selves. The project “Open Work with Street Children” is part of our preparation for the assisted living community project. Through this project we are able ensure that the children who are ready for the assisted living community can get a place there.

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Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

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  • Uploaded at 08-12-2010