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Closed A football pitch for Mwanza - Kids need your help!

A project from Mwanza e.V.
in Mwanza, Tanzania

Football for a better life. That sounds like a romantic idea. In Tanzania, it becomes real. Together with YOUR help, we want to construct a new football pitch here in Mwanza – providing hope and fun for hundreds of kids!

M. Schätzel
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About this project

Hello friends,

we (Simon and Marco) work currently as Volunteers in the Sports Charity Mwanza in Tanzania. In cooperation with local coaches and clubs, our charity aims to build up sustainable sport structures in the city (e.g. organized sport offers, administration and  construction of sports complexes). Please find more information about our charity here

At the charity, Simon and me are responsible for supporting the local football clubs. The passion for football in Tanzania is even bigger then elsewhere in Europe (yes, this is possible 😉). However, appropriate play grounds  for kids are a rare commodity. Just by looking at the "football pitch" all ligaments tear and your lungs become covered in dust.

In order to enable many girls and boys in Mwanza to exercise sport regularly, our charity constructs sports complexes, which are used bith by clubs and nearby schools for the football, basketball, volleyball and netball. The costs for constructing a football pitch at such a sport complex amounts to 10.000€. With your help, we hope to contribute 20% for financing it. Just like us, our fellow volunteers at Mwanza are fundraising as well. Together, we want to reach our goal sep by step and provide the kids with hope, stability and joy in their daily lifes.

Your generous donation will help hundreds of football enthusiastic kids at once!

Already 15€ allow us to finance 10 square metre of a new football pitch.
(As you might know, a football pitch measures more than 10 square metres. Thus, higher donations are welcome for sure 😉). Our charity is organized by young volunteers like us. Hence, all you support goes to 100% to Tanzania!

For those, who don´t want to donate online:

Together with our kids we say "ASANTE SANA" (Thank you very much) for your support.😊