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Closed Reduce the suffering of Romanian strays: sustainable - socially - guiding!

The suffering of Romanian dogs is huge, there are estimated 2 million homeless animals in Romania.They live a hard life or are crowded in shelters in devastating condition: Our solution is to prevent further suffering with spay and neuter!

Claudia D. from World Animal Veterinary Emissaries (WAVE) e.V.Write a message

Reduce the suffering of Romanian strays: sustainable - socially - guiding!
In Romania about 2 million stray dogs live on the streets. These animals do not have a home, do not have food and live a hard life. So far, the Government officials do not know another way to handle this situation other than catching the dogs in often cruel way. They throw them into so-called shelters, which are in a devastating condition and do not really protect them. The animals are crowded in the shelters. There are large packs and are fed rarely or not at all. The dogs are often poisoned in huge numbers, struck dead or are brought to death painfully. Many animal activists and rescuers take as many dogs as possible from the streets to save them from this fate. Many of them often have 300 or more animals to feed, although they sometimes do not have enough for their own life. But Romania's shelters are still growing. This is due to lack sterilization and strays multiplying. Without regulation, the stray population has exploded over the years.
There is only one effective way of reducing the population permanently: Spay and neuter of dogs living on the streets, wether they have an owner or not. In the last few years, we have realized nearly 55,000 surgeries and thus reduced further suffering in Romania. These are 55,000 animals who are no longer able to give birth to an average of six puppies per litter, which can either have a short, but hard life on the streets of Romania or find a painful death by being hit by a car or freezing and starving to death.

Currently we work together with a local veterinarian and a Romanian animal welfare association from Campina. 50 animals get their surgery per month, because in Romania the spay / neuter is required by law. Since October 2018 we carry out these action in a highly organized way: we constantly advertise via social media in the region in and around Campina. The owners and volunteers receive an individualized voucher so that the veterinarian knows that the surgery is covered by us. The owner or the volunteers then independently make an appointment and bring the animal to the surgery on the agreed date. In case that the owners do not have a car, we will pick it up at the door. After waking up, the owner is usually back and can take his pet again or it is directly driven back home. The shuttle for the animals costs only 2 euros more.

The poor rural population often can not afford the OP, the average does not earn more than 300 EUR per month. That's why we want to help with this important step. In Romania, a castration costs only 20 EUR - 20 EUR, which help a soul, but saves a lot of souls from pain and privation! But also partial amounts, so 5, 10 or 15 EUR help us!

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