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"High-School Musical" at Brazil

91430-750 Porto Alegre, Brazil

For brazilian Streekids is there no case to go to school. Trough our help they come to school, because they love music. They get a chance to leave the circuit of poorness.

L. Schwarz from Stern des Südens e.V.
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Children from underprivileged families living in Favelas in Porto Alegre/Brazil and in Flörsheim/Germany are given a better chance for education and their future. Our goal is to improve the school community and the social surrounding of the children with money and donations. The children will thus have a better chance to get out of the cycle of poverty. Our NGO was founded in May 2007 and has already convinced well-known partners to support the projects reaching 3,000 children in Germany and Brazil. In Porto Alegre, the fourth largest city in the South of Brazil, we support three schools and a kindergarten. With money from our organisation class rooms and school buildings were painted, a leaking roof was fixed and a sports field renovated. To protect the children from gangs attacking them during classes we had a protective wall put up around the school. We have also set up a music school within a school building as an extracurricular offer. This school was then eligible to participate in a state competition and 2 of the children were among the best 2,000 students. Our annual "wishing star Christmas tree" at the Christmas market in Flörsheim is decorated with donated christmas tree ornaments and "wishing stars". These have the Christmas wishes of children from underprivileged families in Flörsheim written on them which are purchased by donors and presented to them as Christmas presents anonymously. Our next large project is to set up extracurricular classes at our three project schools in the favelas of Porto Alegre. These children will be supported to pass their school exams and to thus have a successful start in a profession. Due to our social engagement we were one of 100 NGOs in 2009 selected by a state-wide competition headed by the German chancellor Angela Merkel to receive professional coaching.