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Funded Conservation Education for 600 Kids in Indonesia: Conservation Expeditions

The Tangkoko Conservation Education project in North Sulawesi annually educates 600 children in exciting topics for nature conservation and thus makes an important contribution since 2011 to obtain the Tangkoko Nature Reserve.

Dirk M. from Chances for Nature e.V.Write a message

Ella and Naruto are crested macaques living in the Tangkoko Nature Reserve in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Crested macaques are critically endangered primates and the reserve is one of their last refuges. Ella and Naruto are the ambassadors for a fantastic Indonesian children education project called "Tangkoko Conservation Education" for which Chances for Nature e.V. raises donations.

Ella and Naruto share theit habitat with many other rare and endangered plants and animals. Tangkoko is also home to, for example, tarsiers, couscous (the only marsupials on Sulawesi) and many rare birds, amongst others the Maleo who let the hot volcanic sand brood their eggs. In addition to the destruction and pollution of their habitat, they are threatened by illegal wildlife trade, and most importantly, bushmeat trade.

The young will build the future of the environment. The aim of the "Tangkoko Conservation Education" programme therefore is to raise in children and youngsters the fascination and love for nature, and to educate them in biology and ecology, in this way sensitising them for environmental topics and the need to protect the Tangkoko reserve. “You protect what you love and you love what you know!”

For nine months each year, about 600 pupils from 23 schools around the Tangkoko reserve enjoy inspiring workshops and lectures, and exciting excursions. Specific didactic material has been developed for the lectures including an Eco-Monopoly game (Ecofunopoly). The pupils receive t-shirts and stickers and organise exhibitions and theatre plays that even excite the adults.

Last year we successfully supported the printing costs for new school-books. This year we will support the transport costs for kids' excursions which are planned for April/May 2017.

The "Tangkoko Conservation Education" programme has been founded in 2011 and has ever since grown and been improved. It substantially contributes to the sensitization of the local people for environmental topics and the protection of the region’s nature. Such activities of course need funding since expenses for printing of education material and excursions, e.g. transportation of pupils and teachers, need to be covered.

Please help Chances for Nature e.V to secure the continuation of the "Tangkoko Conservation Education" for children of North Sulawesi so that the region around Tangkoko will turn into a “Better Place”. In this way, Naruto and his conspecifics will be saved from extinction.

The motto is: "Learn from nature, act for nature!". Thank you very much for your support.

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