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Funded Ambulance for Faraja Health Care Center in Himo, Tanzania!

A project from Afya Himo e.V.
in Himo, Tanzania

To transfer critically ill/ injured patients Faraja Health Care Center in Himo Tansania needs an Ambulance! Afya Himo e.V. is collecting donations for an ambulance offered from Red Cross Hamburg-Harburg!

A. Leusmann
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About this project

Despite the very impressive work unfortunately Faraja Health Care often encounters its medical limits. Especially as paramedic I find it hard to see that here people can not be helped, who had a clear chance of survival in Germany. 
The Faraja Health Care Center is a privately financed hospital established by Dr. Minja in 2000 in Himo, Tanzania. There are 18,000 people living in rural catchment area of Faraja Health Care. Every month around 1,000 patients are treated here. 
But as neither intensive care nor operations are possible, patients often need to be transferred to the one hour's drive away Moshi for further treatment. As there is no ambulance this is done by private vehicles which means a great risk for the patients. An ambulance, where the patient can receive medical care during transport would save the life of many people.
The German Red Cross emergency service in Hamburg donated  an ambulance for the Faraja Health Care Center. In addition we received many material donations, which we want to transport in the ambulance to Tanzania.
For the costs of sea freight, transport insurance, taxes and shipping agent in the amount of approximately 4,000.00 Euro we need your donations!