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Closed Donations for the refugee camps in Kurdistan (North of Iraq)

For our transports to the refugee camps in Kurdistan in Northern Iraq, we need donations. Especially in summer and winter, the resources, including water, are very scarce. Please support our project.

V. Rashid from Kurdische Frauengruppe Nergiz Narzisse e.V. Write a message

Since the outbreak of the war in Syria, people have fled to neighboring countries. In Iraq, that is the secure Kurdish region. The Kurdistan Autonomous Region now has more than 2 million refugees, with a population of 6 million. 
The people live there in so-called tent cities from the UNHCR from 10,000 tents, in which sleep at least 8 persons.
Many are also found in shells, where the construction was stopped because of the war. 
We were in 2015 ourselves (during a delegation trip) and looked at the camps and the situation in the country exactly and made contacts on the spot. 
The European Union's aid to UNHCR has been decreasing for years. 
Previously, the UNHCR in the Kurdish regions had € 27.00 per head available. Today we are at under 5.00 € !!! 
In addition, the area in northern Iraq is almost entirely omitted when refugee funds are awarded to the neighboring countries of Syria. The funds of the European Union are mainly to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. 
In October 2016, with the support of Heimatstern e.V. and the band DONOTS (who collected donations at one of their concerts in Munich), we donated the first donation transports. 
We can organize the donations in kind here in Munich and the surrounding area (even in Augsburg they collect donations for us). However, we still need financial support to realize the transport to Kurdistan. 
The transport costs normaly 1,50 € - 2,00 € per kg, but we have found a forwarder who delivers to Kurdistan and sends us the donations for 1.00 € per kg. 
But to send a full truck we need at least 1500-2000 €. 
But we want to send as many aid transports down as possible. 
Furthermore, we would like to go shopping on the spot. Especially water is a resource that is very scarce from the spring to the summer. 
For baby food, milk powder etc, clean drinking water is essential. 
Every cent comes on! We will try to be there as on our first relief delivery, so that the donations also arrive where they should. Unfortunately, there is a growing corruption in our country too. Therefore, we have also directly contacted the camps below. 
Especially the camps around the areas of Suleymania, Halabja, Darbandikhan are very poorly cared for. Pretty much all camps Southwest of Erbil. Because the camps around Erbil are supported by the government relatively well and most of the help below is distributed there. So we want to focus on the other camps. 
And, of course, we issue donation receipts, if desired. Please enter the exact address in the proof of use at the transfer. 
We are looking forward to your support. 
A heartfelt thank you 
Your team of KFG e.V.