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borderline-europe: Stop the dying along EU‘s borders!

A project from borderline-europe Menschenrechte ohne Grenzen e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

borderline-europe monitors and informs about events at the EU‘s external borders and engages in transnational networking activities. We are active throughout Europe and accompany refugees during and after their arrival on Lesvos and Sicily.

Harald G.
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About this project

borderline-europe is an independent, non-profit organization. Since 2007 we have been actively engaged in our work against the European policies of isolation. In order to provide politicians, journalists and the interested public with reliable first-hand information about the situation in the border regions of „Fortress Europe“, it is necessary to carry out research and monitoring activities on the ground.

Since 1993, more than 35,000 people without a European passport have died on their way to and in Europe, assuming that the number of unreported cases is far higher. Even though Libya is about to collapse and known to abuse detained refugees and asylum-seekers, the European Union seeks agreements with Libyan militias and presents them as so-called "Libyan coastguard". We also receive worrying reports from Eastern Europe, where refugee rights are not respected and people are being abused and detained. 

borderline-europe is mainly active in three regions: Germany, Italy (Sicily) and Greece (Lesvos). Our projects on Lesvos and Sicily accompany refugees during and after their arrival and carry out research and documentation work. In general, we focus on the situation for refugees and migrants along the European internal and external borders. The multitude of the restrictive measures used to seal off the European states is what we call the EU border regime. The influence of this regime does not only extend to the EU itself but also far beyond the European borders, killing more and more people seeking a decent life.

The Berlin branch organizes networking and awareness-raising activities, supporting transnational networks across European borders. Through information campaigns, panel discussions, cooperation with cultural institutions, political foundations and other civil society organizations, we break the silence about the catastrophe happening at the EU‘s external borders. With our work we stand up for the right to freedom of movement for everyone. Our work is based on voluntary commitment and low-paid jobs. It is mostly financed via donations.

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