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Rainforest: Development and global climate by school desks Natural Park

A project from konga - Freundeskreis Tshuapa e.V.
in Bokungu, Congo (Democratic Republic)

school desks = development: parents built,rehabilitate school buildings;partners support fabrication of simple,robust school desks:children learn no longer on the ground.Self initiative,self-help encouraged,spread.Rainforest,global climate protectet.

W. Leinen
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About this project

Our project number: 50785 -development through school desks - a successor of if local communities in Congolese rainforest of Tshuapa want their children to learn, they need to generally take it into their own hands. They build schools, are looking for teachers and contribute to their subsistence. If the buildings are destroyed in stormy tropical rain, it is again the communities who care - the state is far away. Since the forest farmers are always very poor in the isolated region by lack of access to markets, their means are insufficient to properly equip schools: the kids learn on the dusty ground. The partnership committee Bokungu has launched a program "elephant foot desks" to change that: local communities can apply for and close a contract. Parent committees undertake the rehabilitation of schools and in return receive robust school desks for the classrooms. Manufactured are these benches ("elephant foot") by local craftsmen, what gives these and their families work and bread. The combination of initiative, attention and support radiates to the neighbors and a cycle of development beginns. Til now 9 school-projects are completed succesfully: primary schools EP Bolondo, EP Lofomamondje and Center of  vulnerable childs Lisalisi in Bokungu, for the girls primary school EP Lifala  and EP Yaloya in Chefferie Nkole, EP Moma, nursing - school in Ikela, EP Wete and EP Ekombe.  Meanwhile there has been a big funded programme of State und United Nations executed by local Caritas. The result: not much more than half a douzend schools for 42.000 km2 rainforest and more than 600.000 inhabitants... . About 280 schools rest with pupils sitting in the dirt, attacked by insects, writing on their knees...   So there are other communities who contest for the programm in favour of their children - that's why we ask for further support. You can also see it as investment in our future and the future of our children and grandchildren:  world is one and all is connected. Invest in the rainforest - communitys, so people can have better life, which will hopefully also help the preservation of the green lung, so important for the world's climate. And help the ambitious programme of 15 territories to create a natural park around Salonga national park - biggest tropical reserve of Afrika.