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Funded TruckSHOP - a free shop for refugees

TruckSHOP is a free shop, that provides people in need with clothing and hygiene items in a fair and dignified way. We want to give people a choice over what they wear and give back a form of normality to their lives.

Lisa B. from TruckSHOP-Verein zur Förderung fairer VerteilungenWrite a message

TruckSHOP is supplying people in need in a fair and dignified way with clothing in a free shop. What we do is we offer a mobile shop in a truck as well as a permanent social shop filled with items, so that every person can choose the proper sizes and their individual style.

What happened so far:
In the winter months TruckSHOP provided refugee camps all over Northern Greece with warm clothes. In the beginning of the year the truck brought supplies to Lesvos, where we installed a permanent shop in Moria camp. At the same time we continued to give clothes, shoes and hygiene items from our warehouse in Thessaloniki. In March and April we supplied several camps in Northern Greece with summer clothing, until we opened our Social Shop in Thessaloniki which is reachable with public transport and functions as a central distribution point for people in need .To be able to continue with our work we need YOUR support!

Eventhough clothing is a basic need, refugees are supplied with that insufficiently. Most clothing distributions are done intermittently and without offering choice. This is why we are determined to give people a choice over what they wear and give back a form of normality to their lives. We recognise the value and self worth people gain through choosing clothing items that fit their personality and style. 

It is imperative to our mission to have a distribution system that is fair and dignified. 
That means: 
  1. we take enough clothes with us to restock, in order to give the same amount of choice to the first and the last person entering the shop.
  2. we avoid people standing in a line. With a registration system we call the people when it is their term to get into the shop. 

Why we need YOUR support:
  1. To prepare distributions and set up shops we have running costs of tape, boxes, hangers, palettes, wood and steal. 
  2. The donations differ very much in quality and quantity, which makes it more difficult for us to provide choice for everyone. To be able to go on with our work and to keep the system as fair as possible, we have to spend money to expand our stock of clothes with the most needed items.
  3. To continue with our Social Shop in Thessaloniki we need help to cover the rental and transportation costs.

Thank you so much for helping us.

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