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Closed An elementary school for children in West Bengal (India)

A project from Verein zur Unterstützung des IIMC e.V.
in Tegharia, Sonarpur, India

We want to help break this vicious circle of poor education, poverty, and disease! With the donations we want to enable the IIMC to build a complete two-storey elementary school.

S. Weiss
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About this project

A third of the Indian population lives below the poverty line, many having to make do with less than a dollar a day. About half of the adult population is illiterate. The majority of people living in rural areas does not have access to clean water, proper wastewater management, or electricity – not to mention schools or hospitals.  

We want to help break this vicious circle of poor education, poverty, and disease! 

The donations collected will enable the Institute for Indian Mother and Child (IIMC) to build an entire two-storey school. The IIMC is an Indian NGO with good local contacts and a great deal of experience that has managed to convince us personally of their sustainable commitment to helping the people of West Bengal. 


The construction of an elementary school in one of the poorest regions in the world will help in a variety of ways:

  • Children will learn to read and write, giving them the opportunity to receive professional training or even go to university. Without an education, these children have barely any chance of breaking out of poverty.
  • Children with reading and writing skills can support their families and increase their independence by making important information accessible.
  • Educating children on the fundamentals of health and hygiene benefits the entire family as well as the community, thus helping the people to help themselves.


The IIMC, our partner on site, was founded by the Indian pediatrician Dr. Sujit K. Brahmochary. He was born in 1957 in a very poor Bangladeshi village where he also went to school. Great fortune and a scholarship from the International Red Cross allowed him to study medicine in Kolkata and specialize in pediatrics in Belgium. Having completed his studies, Dr. Brahmochary returned to Kolkata, where he worked for two years as the medical director of Mother Teresa’s Kalighat Home for the Dying Destitutes. In 1989, he founded the IIMC, which began its work by providing free treatment to 20 children per day in an abandoned cowshed south of Kolkata. Soon after, the organization began developing an education program that involved building schools and establishing a student sponsorship program to ensure the sustainability of its commitment. The IIMC and its volunteers work every day to help children and families, making a tremendous effort to steadily improve the situation of those in need. Miamed maintains close relations with Dr. Brahmochary and discusses the progress of this school project with him on a regular basis.

The construction of the two-storey elementary school will cost €53,207.