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Funded Support the exhibition "Big Tobacco: Profits & Lies"!

Berlin, Germany offers the exhibition "Big Tobacco: Profits & Lies" to schools for lending. The exhibition shall be completely revised and updated.

S. von Eichborn from Blue 21 | 
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About this project

Most people don't know much about tobacco, its cultivation and the consequences of tobacco use apart from health risks. Could you answer these questions?

  • Where does tobacco grow and who works in the fields?
  • How does the tobacco industry hook youth on smoking?
  • Does tobacco harm the environment?

If you don't have an answer for one of these questions, you might be interested in visting our exhibition Big Tobacco: Profits & Lies. We reveal the journey of tobacco from seedbed to butt.

The exhibition contains 24 displays and is lendable at During the past five years, many things have changed in the tobacco sector. Hence we want to revise and remodel the exhibition.
That is why we need your support:

  • We want to renew the whole concept.
  • We want to update the data and improve the texts.
  • We want to make the exhibition more visually attractive and memorable.

Currently, the exhibition is available only in German. We would like to work with international partners on a translation to English. If your organisation is interested, please contact us.

For our work on the exhibition we already gained financial support from the Ministery for Economic Cooperation, the Berlin Senate and Bread for the World-Protstant Development Service.

We need your support to fully finance design and printing costs!
Updated at 18. March 2020