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Let's Build a School Together! DR Congo

Mission Kongo e.V. is building a primary school in Mitendi, DR Congo to offer 540 children of all denominations high quality education. In DR Congo 3.5 million children of primary school age are not attending school. (Source: World Bank - Feb. 2016)

Jürgen D. from Mission Kongo e.V.Write a message

In DR Congo 3.5 million children of primary school age are not attending school.
(Source: World Bank Status Report, Feb. 2016)

Although basic education is guaranteed by the Congolese government there is little or no monetary support for public schools. Quite the contrary: all education institutions are obliged to pay a tax for every pupil attending their school. It is for this reason that all schools in Congo charge fees - even for elementary school.

Only one third of the population has attended school. Moreover, the duration and quality of the schooling is often inadequate to impart sufficient reading and writing skills.

Under the working title Lycée Magnificat we will be building a primary school with integrated kindergarten in Cité Millenium located in the Mitendi district of Kinshasa. To date, there is no elementary school in Cité Millenium and children must travel to other parts of town to attend school. This is a problem both from a logistics as well as a security perspective. The construction will be realized in several phases. After completion of  phase one, we will open the school with 3 kindergarten classes and 4 primary school classes. 

When all construction is completed, Lycée Maginificat will offer high quality, close-to-home education to 180 pre-school and 360 primary school children of all denominations.

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