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An aid project by “Ayago Community Development Initiative (Organizati” (S. Onyango) in Tororo, Uganda

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S. Onyango (Project Manager)

S. Onyango
This is a community Initiative and the key players are teachers, Children, parents and the Organization. Education is not a privilege here as it used to be. Free Primary Education has encouraged many children to reach School but we are working hard to realize high retention rate and provide quality education. Children learn from 8am to 5pm on empty stomach. Our appeal is help feed 1200 children in Pakoi Primary School. This will help the child learn without worrying of empty Stomach and also performance will be better. Food will be cooked in School and children provided with lunch. We need 10 bags of maize so that we can make porridge. The Community will provide the cooks. Your donation will also help buy an energy saving cooking stove.

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Location: Tororo, Uganda

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  • Free Primary Education has enabled many children access class. The challenge is feeding them and helping them perform better.

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