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Solarsystem as a base for a self-sufficient school in Nairobi (Kenya)

We are providing a solar off-grid system for a school in Kenya with the vision to enable a better future for the kids.

Julian P. from JUAMII e.V. Write a message

Dear Donator,

After our research stay in Kenya and the lack of energy supply we have faced in East Africa, our vision was born to develop innovative environmental solutions. 

During the last six months we have made the first step forward and developed a sustainable solar concept. The main goal of JUAMII is to support non-state funded schools in East-Africa by providing clean technology access.

Our concept consists of a solar off-grid system and a battery storage facility.
Due to fact that current electricity prices are high and still unreliable in Kenya, solar technology can offer tremendous opportunities.

So far, kerosene lamps have been used as an alternative. 
However those lamps are extremely harmful and not efficient. 

We are planning to implement our first pilot by teaming up with Tenderfeet school. 
It was founded by the principal of the school, who grew up in Kibera, one of the largest slum areas in the world. Her vision was to enable vulnerable children proper education and a better future.

The school takes care of 200 students currently, most of them are orphans from Kibera. 20 children out of the 200 reside within the school premises.
The school finances itself solely through donations and private fundings. 

During our 3-months research stay in Kenya, we identified problems and analyzed needs of our partner schools. It allowed us to develop a sustainable concept.

Saved energy funds of the school will be reinvested in following areas:
Education (teaching materials, calculator etc.)
Agriculture (Growing organic food)

Our projects are transparent, so we will keep you up-to-date with our latest activities  We are posting updates through our social media channels.
Besides that, current activities will be mentioned on our homepage.

Clean Technology:
We are providing a solar off-grid system with a capacity of 4 kWp, which was developed in collaboration with our engineering partner.
He is teaching physics and has already implemented a successful solar school project in Tanzania.

Be part of our project and support us. 
Every donor and supporter will receive an individual thank-you gift after we have successfully completed our fundraising campaign.

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