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A project from SINGA Deutschland gUG
in Berlin, Germany

SINGA connects refugees and locals to co-create a more inclusive society. Support our incubator to enable newcomer entrepreneurs found successful, innovative, and scalable businesses!

L. Seiler
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About this project

SINGA Business Lab is an inclusive incubator based in Berlin co-created with newcomer entrepreneurs to support them to found successful, innovative, and scalable businesses and increase diversity in entrepreneurship.

Building a new life and contributing to the future of our society together – this is what many newcomers in Germany are currently working towards. Many aspire to achieve this by using their professional experiences, knowledge, and ideas to launch their own ventures. However, newcomer entrepreneurs do not have access to the networks and resources of Berlin's entrepreneurial scene, which is what we seek to change.
SINGA Business Lab has 3 core impact goals:

1 Support newcomer entrepreneurs to found successful, scalable, innovative businesses.

2 Affect structural change to make Germany’s entrepreneurial ecosystem more inclusive and accessible to newcomers.

3 Change public perceptions about newcomers and their potential, and inspiring other newcomers to pursue their ambitions.

To meet these goals, we used a user-centric design approach to co-create a program along with newcomer entrepreneurs to comprehensively meet their needs. The result is the SINGA Business Lab, a 5-month intensive incubation program, where entrepreneurs learn and apply the latest innovation methodologies, acquire core business skills, and gain important exposure and networks for their ventures. Participants join through a rigorous, month-long, competitive process where the most entrepreneurial are selected according to their entrepreneurial skills and experience, as well as the scalability, innovativeness, and feasibility of their idea. 

Once in the incubator we provide entrepreneurs with 5 core services through weekly meetings, workshops, and events, as well as individualized 1:1 support. These 5 services are: 1 Ideation & Concept Development, 2 Business Skill Training, 3 Entrepreneurial Mentoring, 4 Networking and Community, and 5 Legal & Financing Support. We deliver these services through a large professional network of start-up consultancies, universities, law firms, and other expert partners in Berlin providing their services pro-bono for our entrepreneurs.

The program’s successful pilot already displayed progress towards our impact goals. Several of the entrepreneurs in the pilot are already earning money with their business: 3 of the 5 businesses incubated reached making their first product sale. 1 even raised a pre-seed investment round of 60,000 EUR. Already, the program has developed a reputation for being the innovation hub for newcomers in Germany. For the pilot we had fewer than 25 applications; in our second cohort, over 100 potential entrepreneurs applied. And we will continue to work to increase diversity in entrepreneurship.