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Funded River cleansing - water testing program in Berlin

As Flussbad Berlin we start testing water quality parameters in order to find the right one for cleaning a huge amount of river water within Berlins inner city river Spree and its sidearm. Therefor we start a test filter in spring 2017.

Susanne B. from Flussbad Berlin e.V.Write a message

In the spring of 2017, Flussbad Berlin will begin to clean a part of Berlins inner city river Spree through a series of natural plant gravel filters in a prototypic test filter facility, thereby performing intensive water quality measurements before and after the filter process.
For this purpose, the association equips a historic barge with a scientific facility, which runs at least until the end of 2018 on location in the Spreekanal. Three of the four filter basins will be equipped with different granulates and plants whose individual cleaning effectiveness is to be thoroughly tested. The fourth filter basin will also check the filter performance of mussels (Dreissenidae) in a so-called "Mussel Reactor".
The entire operation and testing program was developed by scientists with the planning of the test filter. A total of more than 500 measurements in 7 groups are carried out per month. The acquisition of a single parameters thereby costs between 2 and 70 euros.
In order to find out how the Spree can be properly cleaned, we want to capture, evaluate and, in particular, to make available to the public - on our website and on-site at the Spreekanal.
We have a limited budget for a small measurement program. In order to be able to carry out all measurements on a regular basis, we need your financial support. Each donation is assigned to a measurement. With the evaluation and publication of the respective measurement, we will also publish your name, if you wish.
Help us to make the correct measurements. So you can make a great contribution to the cleansing of the Spree.