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School fees for Nairobi's street children

A project from children's hope home e.V.
in Gathiga , Kenya

This is a fundraising for school fees, school uniforms and shoes for children, who live in the children's hope home, which is an orphanage in Gathiga, Kenya. Most of the kids lived on Nairobi's streets.

N. Winter
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About this project

Hey guys!
Our names are Inola, Theresa, Ruben, Jonas and Johannes. We are working for one year as volunteers in two orphanages, the Children's Hope Home in Gathiga, near Nairobi and the Langalanga hope home in Gilgil. At this time, there are about 100 children here, most of them came from Nairobi's streets. We try to give them the best opportunity to study. Unfortunately, during the last year, some kids were not able to go to school for the whole term because there was not enough money for school fees, clothes, or shoes. In Kenya, the possibility to go to school depends on the parents’ financial status and because of that, it cannot be regarded as a matter of course. It is very important for their future to get a good and complete education, and we sincerely hope that they succeed. 
It would be wonderful if you could support this project. Even a little donation would help us reach our goal! 
Let us know if you have any questions. We are thankful for any support you can give us. Asante sana!