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Funded Refugee Open Cities: Help us build a top floor full of opportunities!

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A charitable contribution for a refugee project in Berlin-Neukölln. Refugee Open Cities empowers refugees in Germany and turns emergency shelters into thriving environments.

D. Kruse from Open State gUGWrite a message

Together with the inhabitants of an emergency shelter in Berlin-Neukölln we redesign and reshape a full floor of an old warehouse. Based on the layout of a town we set up a central market place for public events, space for leisure and work, as well as safe zones for kids and sports activities. Support us in turning the emergency shelter into a thriving environment.

The former C&A warehouse provides a temporary home for approx. 600 refugees. Among them a quarter are kids and some inhabitants have lived there for over a year. The building provides barely any privacy let alone areas for recreation and sports. There isn't even a place for child care. We however encounter many potentials: the open-minded team of the Malteser who run the shelter, a big pool of talents and professions that the inhabitants bring and a vast open space.

The inhabitants and us want to get active as soon as possible: together with experts and craftsmen we develop an integrative concept for this place. In workshops we plan, design, build and own this space.

To get things done quickly now we need your or your company's support and ask for your charitable contribution. In the coming months we reshape this 1500sqm. In addition to recycled material and remainders that we score for free or cheap we need additional construction material like wood, metal and tools. 

What will we tackle?
1. We built an innovative town - in the centre of Berlin-Neukölln. This area will provide families a community space as well as room for individual needs.
2. In open workshops the inhabitants learn skills in planning, design and actual building of construction projects and collaborative processes. We certify the activities and enable them for the job market.
3. In the workshops the inhabitants connect with locals and experts alike. 
4. A modular architecture that the inhabitants can own the constructions and adapt them to their needs. 
5. The inhabitants learn about creative and sustainable products and solutions.

With your kind help the reshaping of the 4th floor of this former warehouse can be a showcase on how to empower refugees and expedite their inclusion in our societies.

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