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Our volunteers in South Africa

A project from Village Scribe Association
in Grahamstown, South Africa

Unsere deutschen Freiwilligen arbeiten im südafrikanischen Township. Sie bringen unterprivilegierten Schülern den Umgang mit technischen Ressourcen bei. Somit tragen sie zur Völkerverständigung und zur sozialen Entwicklung in Südafrika bei.

K. Torp
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About this project

Every year we welcome two german volunteers in Grahamstown. They teach the children the basics of the use of a computer, prepare their own lessons, they do fundraising and administrative work. 
The volunteers are part of an exchange program which is sponsored by the german government. The government pays 75% of the incurred costs. The volunteers have to pay 25% but the VSA took over this part. As a small organization it is not that easy for us to cover the costs.
Help us to offset these costs and make it possible that we have to opportunity to welcome more volunteers here in South Africa.