Closed Seed aid to Haiti

An aid project by “Naturland e.V.” (A. Ziermann) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

A. Ziermann (Project Manager)

A. Ziermann
Helping to restore agriculture after the hurricane 

Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, has been hard hit by Hurricane Matthew. At the moment top priority is being given to disaster relief to ensure that the minimum requirements of those affected are met directly. However, it is at the same time already necessary to think about the next sowing season so that Haitian farmers do not remain dependent on food aid long term.

The hurricane destroyed not only the harvests, but also the seed which the farmers who follow traditional practice need after harvesting for the new sowing season. BNN (German Association of Organic Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers) and Naturland have opened this donation so that Haiti and its citizens can receive assistance over and above that of immediate disaster aid, assistance which this battered country is now in urgent need of.  If they cannot manage to plant maize, millet and beans in January, another growing season will be lost.

ORE (Organization for the Rehabilitation of the Environment; - an NGO in Haiti - is already procuring and distributing vegetable seed to be sown immediately. The reproducible seed is the alternative which farmers need so not to become dependent on GMO seed which they have to buy again and again every sowing season.

ORE calculated that for the seed, processing and distribution, a total of USD 300,000, i.e. 270,000 € will be needed.

Our aim is to enable 10,000 farmers in the affected region to sow their seeds, thus giving them back their food sovereignty. Every little counts.

Thanks for your support!

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Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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