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Verein der Tierfreunde Südeifel e.V. - animal protection assosiation

Bitburg + Umland, Germany

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A. Winter from Verein der Tierfreunde Südeifel e.V.
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We are the oldest welfare animal protection association in the Bitburg area, which has committed itself voluntarily since 1989 for the welfare of the animals and the animal welfare thoughts.

The foundation then caused the departure of the Americans from the bitburger Airbase and the surrounding area, which resulted in many cats and dogs simply being left behind.
The authorities did not really see themselves obliged to accept these poor animals. So it was time to take the animal protection in our own hands!
To this day, a lot has changed, but we are always bumped into animal cases, for which no one wants to take the responsibility! There is still a lot to do!
For the cats, which were left behind on the Airbase Bitburg, and for which no home could be found, feeding places have been established since then, which we are still looking for until today. The arrival of ever new "strayers" does not end until today...
The cats are not only supplied with food, but also are neutered, treated against parasites and, when they are ill, are given veterinary care.

In addition, we always do castration campaigns in other places to avoid more cats of unwanted descendants.
If help is needed, we can also provide financial help for castration to poor people to help their animals.

Here the whole spectrum, where and how we help, would be too extensive, but they can be assured that all donations are only used for the welfare of animal protection!

At this point, however, a big thank you, for all who want to support our work with a donation !!!