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Wholistic Education for underprivileged South African School Children

A project from Village Scribe Association
in Grahamstown, South Africa

The Village Scribe Association developed the awarenet platform which is used by school children to learn about computers and the internet. We train users during hands-on projects about health, music, peace, heritage, culture and social engagement.

K. Torp
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About this project

The Village Scribe Association has developed the awarenet programme, in which we carry out four annual projects. They are aligned to the school terms and are used to practice the use of computers, the internet and online social networks. Learners document, blog and discuss the topics and generally train the use of multi-media and how to do teamwork. The four topics are the following:

In the first term, we talk about the cultural differences between Germany and South Africa. Participants decide what they would like to present and compare, e.g. language, music, sports, literature, politics or environmental issues. On Human Rights Day, we celebrate mankind and its varieties with a culture festival. 

We become active during the second term, which is about health and fitness. We invite experts to talk about e.g. healthy food or illnesses. At the same time we train for our sports day. On Youth Day, we'll have a soccer tournament, a fun run or a beauty day for example.  

The third term starts after the Grahamstown Arts Festival. The learners write lyrics about awareness and peace, which are then rapped to HipHop music. They perform live on stage on World Peace Day. The winners have a music video produced for their song. All songs are professionally recorded. 

The last term of the year focuses on heritage and Nelson Mandela's legacy. The learners get involved in social engagement and think about social development and their future. In the past, they studied Madiba's shirts, painted their own and donated them to orphans. This year, they plan to create their own documentary and their own entry in Wikipedia about a topic of their choice.

Money is needed for all such projects, e.g. for shirts and fabric paint, sports equipment and prizes, material for posters and much more. We list here the specific needs for each project, so that you will be able to decide which project you would like to support.