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Gender justice in international Climate Policies!

A project from GenderCC - Women for Climate Justice e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Gender justice in international Climate Policies! GenderCC and allies advocate for gender-just international climate politics. It must not happen that international policies harm women's and human rights at local level!

G. Alber
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About this project

How do we work to integrate gender justice in international climate policies?
During the UN climate change conferences (COPs) we participate regularly at the Women and Gender Constituency (WGC) activities. We talk to country delegates to explain our point of view and inform about critical aspects of their decisions in relation to gender. We organise workshops and events during the negotiations and at civil society conferences. We cooperate with activists from the Global South so they can participate and report on their experiences on issues being decided at the international level.
A bit on our collective achievements 
In 2017, we celebrated the adoption of the first Gender Action Plan (GAP) in the UNFCCC. GenderCC has been participating since in the UN climate process since its beginning in 1995, and since then, many advances on gender equality integration in climate debates and action were achieved, from local to international levels. Examples of such achievements include the first gender decisions adopted by the UNFCCC in 2012 and the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, which has gender equality and human rights at its core. The most recent mark at the international level was the renewal and enhancement of the Lima Work Programme on Gender and its Gender Action Plan (GAP) in 2019 at COP25, for another 5 years. This new version of the GAP notes that “gender-responsive implementation and means of implementation of climate policy and action can enable Parties to raise ambition, as well as enhance gender equality, and  just  transition  of  the  workforce  and  the creation  of  decent  work  and  quality  jobs”. Therefore our feminist work to continue pushing for gender-responsive climate action and a feminist fossil free near future cannot stop at this moment when momentum has been gained at the international level, and the window of opportunity to act on the GAP is more open than ever before!
We need your support!
We need to keep fighting injustices and taking up spaces and opportunities to build the world we want, which is inclusive, gender-equal, and with no dirty carbon emissions! This crucial work is always in need of financial support, especially for making sure the most marginalised people and groups can participate in important decision-making spaces. Thank you for your support. Contact us in case you want to discuss regular ways to support our work.