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Gender justice in international Climate Policies!

Berlin, Germany

Gender justice in international Climate Policies!

Berlin, Germany

Gender justice in international Climate Policies! GenderCC advocates for gender-just international climate politics. It must not happen that international policies harm women and human rights at local level!

G. Alber from GenderCC - Women for Climate Justice e.V. | 
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About this project

We started the campaign Gender and climate justice before COP21 in Paris. The conference ended with the Paris Agreement but many issues are still to be discussed. How can we achieve the target of an average maximum temperature increase of 2° or even 1.5°C? Are states committed to their emission reduction targets? How do they achieve their targets and do they take up responsibilities for historic emissions? Will means and measures for implementing the Paris Agreement introduce safeguards for women and human right? Will the Paris Agreement even promote human and women rights as promised in its preamble? What are considered as "suitable" solutions: Market mechanisms? Geoengineering? The cooperation with big corporate polluters? Or will they promote zero-emission pathways, a change of consumption patterns and even challenge existing power relations? 
 The "rule book" for the Paris Agreement will be negotiated until next year's COP24 in Warsaw. But even afterwards it will be of utterance importance for women’s organisations and gender experts to participate in the negotiations as observers. GenderCC is founding member of the Women and Gender Constituency, a group of NGOs which has exactly this observer function. However, this crucial political work is hardly awarded with financial support.
 What is happening at COP23 in relation to Gender: Decision on a strong Gender Action Plan The establishment of a Gender Action Plan is based on the Gender decision of last year’s COP22. GenderCC demands that the Gender Action Plan must be comprehensive in supporting the implementation of existing decisions relating to gender. A Gender Action Plan can only be strong if it sufficient financial support is dedicated for its implementation. Measurable aims and an effective monitoring must support the achievement of these demands and identify gaps.

What do we mean by strategic advocacy-work and what range of activities do we do before and during COPs?
During the climate change conferences we participate regularly at the Women and Gender Constituency meetings. We talk to delegates from Parties to explain our point of view and inform about critical aspects of their decisions in relation to gender. We organise workshops and side events during the negotiations and at various civil society events and conferences around the COPs. We enable grassroots activists from the Global South to participate and report on local experiences of international climate politics such as REDD+ by accrediting them and providing travel reimbursement. Before COP we have political actions to emphasise our demands. We also inform about gender, climate change and strategic advocacy with webinars, in press briefings or publications. 
Updated at 03. June 2020