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Closed Appeal for a german father who is in a comatose state in china

A project from Die Initiative - Hilfe für Einzelschicksale e.V.
in Waltrop, Germany

A father of German family went comatose in China. Possibly because of a meningitis and a pneumonia. The family can't afford the cost of the treatment and the patient repatriation back to Germany.

M. Diszeratis
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About this project

Klaus' (58) family is asking for financial assistance to get their father from China back to Germany using a patient repatriation.
It is unclear how long his treatment costs will be covered by his employer. This matter is urgent. His family can't cover the costs to continue the treatment until they can muster the sum for the expensive patient repatriation.

With your donations you support:
• the patient repatriation
• to cover the cost of treatment
• to support his wife and his child to move them to Germany
• the cost of translations (for legal affairs)
• repayment of the previous treatment costs

Since mid-August Klaus is in a hospital. It is possible that he's got a meningitis and pneumonia and for sure he went into a comatose state in the General Hospital in Nanjing, China.
Both the family members and the Consulate General in Shanghai are having difficulties obtaining accurate information about his condition.
Klaus is living in China for 6 years. He got married with a Chinese woman and has become a father for the 6th time. His youngest daughter, who was born in China, is Linna and is 3 years old. His children from his first marriage are grown up and live in Germany.
Since he worked a lot lately (14 daily hrs.) he didn't have much time for his family. He wanted to go back to Germany to get a better education for his daughter.
Since this incident his family have to manage the way back to Germany on a path of trial and tribulation.
The doctors of the hospital in Nanjing and the Consulate General in Shanghai advise his family to bring him back to Germany. The treatment in Germany is much better which can significantly improve his health in the future.
As he is in need of a life support system he needs an airplane with an intensive care unit onboard. This includes a medical supervision since his critical condition must be monitored. The costs for this are approx. between 70,000 and 120,000 Euro.
This enormous sum can't be payed by his family in Germany since the most of them are still students. They want nothing more than her father being back in Germany in a better medical care for him in their vicinity. His wife and daughter want to accompany him.
The current state of knowledge about coma patients stating that the perception of familiar voices and touch is very conducive to the progress of the recovery. The thought that Klaus is in a Chinese hospital amid of a foreign language and voices is unbearable for his family in Germany.
They want the assurance of a better therapy and loving care by the family members.