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Closed Psychosocial counseling for and by refugees Help us change 50 lives.

Berlin, Germany

Ashoka fellow Inge Missmahl and Ipso gGmbH train migrants and refugees in Germany to become psychosocial counselors. The counseling approach, developed i.a. in Afghanistan, is multi-lingual and culturally sensitive and empowers clients.

Daniel Gerloff from Ipso gGmbH
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With your support, we want to offer 50 refugees three sessions of psychosocial counselling and support in their mother tongue. Direct, powerful and culturally sensitive.

Who we are
For many years, Ipso has been offering psychosocial counseling and support for people living with difficult circumstances in Afghanistan and Haiti. Ipsos approach to psychosocial counseling has been continuously developed since 2005 is adaptable to different cultures and contexts. Ipso counselling respects the personal and cultural background of each client and focuses on problem-solving and resource-strengthening.

What we do
Ipso has now used its experience of working with people from conflict and crisis areas, to train motivated and qualified people with migration background in Germany to become skilled psychosocial counselors. 

Our first 21 counselors have completed their 3-month intensive training in Berlin and have started counselling refugees in their native language. Our team is active all across Berlin. Your support for our project "Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe – von Flüchtlingen für Flüchtlinge" has helped us achieve this. Thank you! You can meet our team in this video here: Our counselors come from over ten countries, including Syria, Libanon, Afghanistan, Somalia, Guinea, and Burma. 

Our counselors are now ready to support refugees in need of a skilled listener, either in person or online via our custom-made video plattform A team of psychologist supervises and supports our counselors in their practice. The demand is already high. Many refugees in Germany struggle with their difficult living conditions and circumstances, and suffer the consequences of loss, discplacement, fear and helplessness. Our counselors support them to rediscover their hope and self-efficacy and help them to create a life in Germany using their resources and strengths.

We want to offer 3 hours of psychosocial counseling to 50 refugees in need, to create a perspective in Germany for them, as well as for our counselors. We need 6,000 € to accomplish this. The cost includes the counselor salary, the training, supervision, coordination and logistical costs of the counselling.

We can do this with your help!

Many thanks, 

Inge Missmahl and the Ipso team