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Refugee women preserving cultural heritage

Ghe. Ionescu - Sisesti, Romania

"Threads of Wisdom" empowers, trains and help refugee women in europe start their own business while contributing to cultural heritage preservation of ancient manuscripts.

Nour Ibrahim from ACIP - Asian Classics Input Project
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The project “Threads of Wisdom” provides opportunities for refugee women while saving ancient invaluable knowledge for humanity. Many of the old precious and Sanskrit and Tibetan texts were destroyed or taken away - they are the philosophical, cultural, and religious heritage of Asia of the last 2,500 years.
 For over 25 years, scattered manuscripts have been collected from around the world by the Asian Classics Input Project. Tibetan refugees transcribe them on the computer, thus keeping them safe for posterity. The first 5,000 manuscripts are now available online (free on 300,000 are still waiting for transcription. Most manuscripts are improperly stored and urgently need book covers to protect them against decay. - This is the reason why this project was started: refugee women sew book covers, and therefore, thanks to the income, get a chance to integrate into their country of arrival, with a higher social status.
 Threads of Wisdom was initially launched in India and Pakistan. 1,800 book covers have already been donated to libraries in Russia and Mongolia, where many of the manuscripts are stored. In August 2016, the project has started in Romania where 10 Syrian refugee women will receive a professional sewing certificate in six months. This will allow them to find employment in Romania. Also, the first 1,000 book covers are expected to be ready by the end of December 2016. In order to ensure the sustainability of this project, a sewing workshop has been put in place. It will allow fully trained women to earn their livelihood. - The Romanian project is conducted by Dr. Nour Ibrahim, who herself is a Syrian. She works at the Romanian National Council for Refugees, affiliated with the UN. Along with Threads of Wisdom Dr. Ibrahim has founded the NGO "Seeds for Peace" and is the project leader in Romania.
 The pilot project with 10 refugee women has been finished in spring. 1,000 book covers are ready. To start the follow-up project with 10 women we need donations.
 With this project, we want to plant seeds for world peace! There is more, which unites than separates all cultures of the world to each other. If we manage to raise awareness, then we are creating the causes that will prevent further refugee crises. - Your donation helps to realize this goal!
 Please support this project, once or with a regular donation. This will significantly improve the predictability and effectiveness of the project.

Thank you!
Maecenata grant funds to ACIP to support the Threads of Wisdom Project in Romania. For support, ACIP charges 5 %. More info regarding the service of Maecenata: