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Refugee women preserving cultural heritage

Ghe. Ionescu - Sisesti, Romania

Refugee women preserving cultural heritage

Ghe. Ionescu - Sisesti, Romania

"Threads of Wisdom" empowers, trains and help refugee women in europe start their own business while contributing to cultural heritage preservation of ancient manuscripts.

B. Gebert from ACIP - Asian Classics Input Project | 
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About this project

The Threads of Wisdom project aims to empower refugee women in Europe. We help them start their business, and get their certification in sewing and fashion design in Romania allowing them to legally access the European labor market as approved by the Romanian Ministry of Labor, and the Romanian Ministry of Education.

During the course women learn to sew book covers that are used to save ancient manuscripts.  These book covers are donated to Libraries in Nepal and Mongolia. Our goal is to empower refugee woman and preserve cultural heritage.

Our dream is to help every woman to reach her maximum potential. We are looking forward to seeing a world where refugee women can be self-sufficient and design the life they want to live. Cultural heritage preservation is an essential element in the project and our dream is to activate these women's role in it.

Thanks to your support we have been in operation since 2016, our dream is to ensure the continual support for refugee women in Europe. 

Our specific goals for 2020:

1- Enrolling 10 women to an accredited sewing  course at Ilbah School in Bucharest.
2- Business startup and incubation for a group of 100 women. 
3- Seed money for business startup and registration as an independent business owner for our first generation of 20 refugee women.
4- Producing and donating 2000 book covers to the Nagarjuna Institute in Nepal & the Monglian National Library as part of our cultural heritage preservation goal. 
5- Creation of an online platform to provide our women a place to market and sell their products.
Because of your continual support we have been able to have a positive impact in the lives of many refugee women, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Please keep supporting our vision! 

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Maecenata grant funds to ACIP to support the Threads of Wisdom Project in Romania. For support ACIP charges 5 %. More info regarding the service of Maecenata:
Updated at 15. April 2020