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A place of Nazi terror will be transformed into a place of remembrance

A place of Nazi terror will turn into a place of remembrance and learning, and into an international meeting place. The "kitchen basement" of the KZ satellite camp Walldorf will become a place of learning, and also a conference facility

A. Arndt from Margit Horvath StiftungWrite a message

The "kitchen basement" of the KZ satellite camp Walldorf will become a place of learning, and also a conference facility

In 1944, 1,700 Jewish girls and women from Hungary were incarcerated
in the KZ satellite camp Walldorf. Under most inhuman conditions, they were forced to build the first concrete runway of the Luftwaffe air base, which is now Frankfurt International Airport.
Many of the survivors have reported that they were brutally beaten in the basement of the kitchen barrack.
In order to intensively study history, to talk about it, and to learn from it, students and
pupils (other young people) have, during the recent years, excavated these basement rooms within the framework of "international work and study camps".

Margit Horváth Foundation had organized these study camps and workshops

The foundation is named after Margit Horváth, one of the survivors of the Walldorf
satellite camp. The excavation site covers an area of about 200 sqare meters (about 2,150 sq.ft.) which will now be "enclosed", i.e., a construction will be built over the site.
This does not only mean that a dignified memorial will be built at a historical site. It will, at the same time, be a working and conference facility for young people.
Their work and commitment leaves its indelible mark on the architecture of the
new conference facility.

The slanting gradient of the roof symbolizes the forest soil which had been
lifted up and opened by young people in order to offer a view of the basement
in which such terrible things had happened in 1944.
Support the commitment of these young people!

Margit Horváth Foundation did not only support these excavations, but
could also find during the recent years numerous private and institutional
sponsors and supporters for the funding of the new building.

Construction works have already started, and the building will be inaugurated
on September 25, 2016, 03:00 PM, in a dignified ceremony

Until then, we are urgently looking for further assistance and support.

This is why we would like to ask everyone regarding as exemplary this project, and the young people's commitment, to assist and support us.

Join the the crowdfunding project of Margit Horváth Foundation!
Any contribution is most welcome.
Please feel free to contact us for further information.
Call us, or send us an e-mail.

One of the satellite camp's survivors formulated a résumé drawing a lesson
from what she had to go through during the Nazi era.

She wrote:

"Our soul is full of scars and our mind is full of bitterness that will never vanish.
Words are not enough to describe the wounds and pain we suffered from.
But today – after this experience – I only wish that all people will be tolerant and respect each other – regardless of the colour of their skin, their race, their nationality, or their religion.
We ought to help one another as much as we can."