Funded School project Welkite II / Ethiopia (East Africa)

An aid project by “Bessere Zukunft e.V.” (J. Wartenberg) in Welkite, Ethiopia

J. Wartenberg (Project Manager)

J. Wartenberg
With this project our non-profit organization supports the Yetachignaw-Geraba elementary school. This elementary school is located in Geraba, which is about 10 km away from the next city Welkite. It was built at an initiative of the nearby villagers, who wanted to spare their children a way to school of about 10 km.

In 2005, the elementary school was recognized by the state as a public school and got teachers, who can give lessons now. At this elementary school approximately 170 children attend classes one to four. The Yetachignaw-Geraba elementary school is in a very miserable condition. There is no classroom or school building, which is in a decent condition for lessons. The children are partly sitting on wooden planks, stone or earth.

This school still needs everything for a proper education: classrooms, benches, restrooms, a library, an art lab, books, school materials as well as access to water and electricity. Unfortunately, also at his school the children cannot go to school regularly, because they have to work for living. Children in Ethiopia are important workforces who have to help nourish their families. Many of the children e.g. collect wood and sell it on the market to fund the expenses they need for school equipment.

With your support we want to facilitate a proper education and a better future for the children.

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Location: Welkite, Ethiopia

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