Closed School building Project

An aid project by “Education For Children's Empowerment (EDUFORCE)” (A. Fuseini) in Tamale, Ghana

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A. Fuseini (Project Manager)

A. Fuseini
This project is designed to improve education for children by building a school and supporting some schools (on pilot basis) and then helping them to ensure that teachers are motivated and that pupils are encouraged to continue schooling to modify their potential. The project aims to improve access to quality education for children. The initiative will complement other projects and activities working towards the same goal.
The project will provide child care and protection in an area where majority have no access to child care and pre-school education, 45 per cent are street sellers, beggars or caregivers to younger children. By building this school it will help reduce the number of children who are street seller, beggars and caregivers.

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Location: Tamale, Ghana

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  • so far this is how our school building project have come up.

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