Blocked Fire Shelter

An aid project by “@fire Internationaler Katastrophenschutz” (H. Tripp) in Wallenhorst, Germany

H. Tripp (Project Manager)

H. Tripp
In order to protect the @fire team members from the dangers of vegetation & forest fires they wear personal protective gear and in addition to provide maximum protection each has a so called Fire Shelter.
This protective tent, which is a small package worn on a belt or a backpack system was developed in the united states for forest fire fighters and is a vital protection in the event that members are trapped by the fire.
Now a world standard, it is the last ditch form of protection when all
previously considered and strictly monitored security rules have not worked.
The fire shelters which @fire uses up till now are no longer state of art and are being disposed of as they reach their run out date therefore, our equipment pool has to be replaced with 30 new generation fire shelters.
The acquisition will take place in several steps. Each new fire shelter
costs about 240 Euro.

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Location: Wallenhorst, Germany

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