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Restoration of historic 1930s Carriage for Steam

Klein Mahner, Germany

The Dampflok Gemeinschaft 41 096 e.V. is asking for donations for the restoration of the historic "Eilzugwagen" used in various steam special trains. The historical Eilzugwagen dates from 1930 and has a 1st and 2nd class seats.

C. Wegmann from Dampflok Gemeinschaft 41 096 e.V.
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The Dampflok Gemeinschaft 41 096 e.V. was established in 1977 for the purpose preservation and operation of historic trains. Central to this activity is the freight train steam locomotive 41 096 we took over from Deutsche Bundesbahn in late 1977.
For over 30 years, the members of the association as volunteers take care of the preservation of locomotives, carriages and wagons.
The reason we ask for your support came in 2013 to the "family". It is a "Eilzugwagen" with 1st and 2nd class seats. It is a type AByse 617. Built 1928-1930 on behalf of Deutsche Reichsbahn and were originally provided with 2nd and 3rd class seating. In 1956, the cars were modernized from the 3rd was the 2nd class, from the 2nd class were 1st class compartments. From 1968 until today valid Type Abyse were introduced.

In order to use the car for passenger services, it needs every 6 years a so-called. "Hauptuntersucherung", a major inspection. This is similar to road vehicles, but is considerably larger. To pass this HU successfully, extensive maintenance work must be done. These include:

- Renovation of the complete brake system and buffers
- Renovation of the suspension, wheel bearings, axles and wheel sets
- Restoration of rust damage to the car body, roof and underbody
- Repainting of car body, bogies and the roof
- Repair of the interior with floor and ceiling

As a major part of the work must be subcontracted to specialist companies, we are dependent on donations for this project.

We estimate the total amount 25,000 to 30,000 €.

As an association, we have set ourselves the goal of bringing railway history to life. As passenger at a one of our trips you can experience travelling at "grandma's times" at first hand.

Our donors will be listed on a board in the entrance area of ​​the car. Companies or organizations may also register with your logo there.

All donors are invited then to re-commissioning at our Museum in Klein Mahner, Germany.