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Bicycle sponsorships in Uganda - mobilising the poor

A project from First African Bicycle Information Organisation
in Jinja, Uganda

Bicycle sponsorships in Uganda tackle poverty and improve individual development and quality of life. We use a bicycle as a powerful and environmentally friendly tool to fight poverty - mobilise the poor!

Georg S.
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About this project

We want to mobilise people in Uganda to improve their quality of life. A bicycle has a very positiv effect on them: they get the chance to generate some income, they travel a lot faster and are able to participate in social activities. They also get access to better schools and universities, health care facilities and markets.
Many people asked us if we can sponsor individuals - so FABIO decided to revive the bicycle sponsorship programme.
Our target group are people who can not afford an own bicycle but would benefit a lot from improved individual means of transport: poor people, small scale farmers, families who live far away from water sources or workers who need to cover long distances to reach their place of work. We would also love to see people riding a bicycle who usually use motorcycles becaue we promote an environmentally friendly way of life.
Mid-term a bicycle means more money in the pocket and so a chance to invest into the future. A bicycle is a tool to tackle poverty and marks the start of sustainable individual development and active environmental protection at the same time.
Mobilise the poor and donate for their own bicycle!