Funded Animal Shelter Triple A Marbella

An aid project by “Triple A” (B. Lopez) in Malaga, Spain

B. Lopez (Project Manager)

B. Lopez
1992 the animal shelter Triple A was founded in Marbella by a group of committed animal rights activists. The reason for the foundation was the devastating situation of lots of alley cats and dogs nobody took care of. At that time, when a dog was trapped by a dog catcher, it normally was poisoned after three days.
Triple A is a registered association caring for the needs of abandoned and mistreated animals.
At present on our grounds there are living nearly 400 animals, among which 280 are dogs. In addition and financed by donations we have been able to build a new cats home, which is a huge hall with different rooms and several external enclosures. Furthermore we have set up an operating-room to medicate injuries and manage castrations. An animal doctor is visiting our animal shelter five times a week to examine the ill and new arrived animals.
More than 60 % of our animals are placed within a year, and some of them are placed to Germany, Sweden and Finland by the support of encouraged animal rights activists.

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Location: Malaga, Spain

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